Thursday, June 9, 2011

Jilane turned 4!

The big 4 for Jilane meant that she could now chew gum!  Her mommy made her wait until she turned 4 to chew gum and guess what that is the first thing this girl wanted to do on her birthday!  When asking what she wanted for her birthday she would simply say gum!  I thought she needed a new bicycle complete with a basket and a purple horn!  The kids just kept blowing the horn until Dad or Mom stuffed it with a hanky! ;~)

So yes I am going to bore you with Birthday pictures from Miss Jilane's party!

Aunt Amber came to spend the weekend with the kiddos!

the 3 Princesses had a ball playing together!  Jilane got the coolest wardrobe to store all of her Princess attire from her Grandma and Grandpa Smith!

Thank you Jilane for the magic wand!

Girls just want to have fun!

Blue eyed Otto is a doll~

What's a princess to do on her birthday?


Jagger after jumping on the trampoline!!

Capri showing some attitude!


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