Friday, July 15, 2011

And the Trees come tumbling down!

I hate it when OLD TREES must come down!  We had a HUGE Maple tree in the front yard and another on the side of the front yard, one was half dead, and the other really hollow and losing limbs with each storm we have had!  So the guys FINALLY came yesterday to take them down!  What a mess we have left behind... Since our chain saw broke last summer in our bush cutting escapades we were going to have to go out and spend a chunk on a chain saw besides use time on them we need to use elsewhere, when outside looking it over last night one of the neighbors offered to take care of everything for less than what we can purchase a new chain saw big enough to handle it!

The tree cutter, found a nest of baby raccoons in the tree!

So here is what it looks like in the yard today!

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