Thursday, July 14, 2011

Craft Binges

Yes, I go on crafting binges, do you?  I have had some free time this week (I know that sounds strange coming from someone who is retired) so I have a couple of projects I am working on!  I am working on making sequined headbands with flowers and feathers (they are great for photo shoots) and I am working on vinyl lettering!  OH and I am really thinking of starting an Etsy Shop... seriously my grandkids can only wear so many of these and Lord knows they have tons of headgear!

As you saw in my previous post I have finally gotten some scripture up on my soffet in the kitchen but I am also working on a Subway Board with all the names of towns Mark and I have ever lived in!  I am about half done with it but keep getting interupted with other things and then something sparkly catches my eye and I am off! 

Today I am headed down to a shop to learn how to knit a beaded necklace and then on down to Fairview to see my little ones (and their momma)!  

Here are some pictures of my wares from yesterday!

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