Monday, July 18, 2011

Monday Monday

I have been in craft overload lately!  I have been wanting to make a Subway Art Sign for the Family Room for what seems like forever!  I bought the art canvas many months ago but something always got in the way of me doing it!  I used my "Sure Cuts A Lot" program for Cricut Machines on my computer which made it super easy to make the letters the correct size before cutting them on the machine!  I used my vinyl and in no time had them cut out and pressed onto the painters canvas!  This morning I took it outside and sprayed the whole thing black and then spritzed white paint onto it to make it look a little more worn.  NEXT time I will use plywood and will be able to roughen it up with sandpaper!  So here are some shots I took as I was doing it including what the screen looked like on my computer!

the letters are all stuck on!

This is the board all painted black and of course you cannot see the letters!

and as I peel each letter off!

Ta Da!!!  So if you are looking at this, The Illinois towns are all the ones I have lived in since birth!  So which town do you know me from?  :)



  1. very nice! I would like to do something like this!

  2. Great job! Sure makes it look easy - now if I only had a cricut machine . . . keep trying to talk myself out of getting one - but I keep finding more reasons to do it! thanks for adding another reason on the "pros" side of my argument!!

  3. Thanks! There are lots of Pros to having one! You can make all of your gifts! ;)


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