Saturday, October 29, 2011

Home Again, Home Again Jiggety Jigg!

If you have been reading my blog for very long you know my middle name is GO....  I am continually on the GO.....  In order to see my children and grandchildren I have to be on the GO!!!

 I started out stopping to drop some things off for Jala and got to see Jilane model her awesome witch outfit that her Momma made for her!  (She is a talented seamstress)

                                                              Click on Pictures to enlarge!

After stopping by Jala's I headed onto see my dear friend Kaye and spend the night, she had a wonderful meal ready and we had a great visit!  On Sunday morning after eating breakfast we headed over to Rockville, Indiana to the Covered Bridge Festival and I am proud to say I didn't buy a thing..... but since we left my car in Tuscola we did do a little shopping on the tail end of our trip before I headed on South to Robinson!   A bad stop for a Grandma on the way to see Grandkids!!!

Sunday evening  I then headed onto Robinson to see Amber and family!  I had a great time with all of them and wish I had taken more pictures, Abigail was at school and I didn't get any of her except on my cell phone!!!

The Three little ones were enjoying there evening drive!

 One of the days I was babysitting little Miss Capri twisted my arm and persuaded me to make some cookies!!  AND she wanted to help so I measured everything and she dumped it in the bowl, (well it mostly went into the bowl!)

 AND yes Otto wanted his fair share of cookies!!!  He is a Momma's boy and by the 3rd day he was doing pretty good at not crying when his Momma left him with me!  Unfortunately he is  growing up with me not living nearby as his sisters did!   BUT oh he is a sweetie pie!!!  I love them all to pieces and it breaks my heart when I have to leave to go home!

I had a great visit with some dear friends there also that I do not get to see very often! :(

Have a Great Weekend!


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