Monday, October 10, 2011


October is here and I just want to knowWHERE did the summer go??  It flew by way to quickly!  I certainly didn't get all the outside projects done that I had good intentions of doing!

I have once again been on the road a lot lately!  We had a fall family gathering deep in Southern Illinois at my sister's place!  I was determined if at all possible I would get my mother there..  Mom has been in a Nursing Home since last fall and had not been out yet.  My mother was the best mom there could ever had been, she had five children, all of my mother's life the love of God, her husband and her family which she absolutely adored is all that ever mattered to her.  So how could we possibly have a family gathering and she not attend?  I didn't think I could live with myself if I didn't try and I had some rough days trying to decide what to do, but through much prayer and tears I knew it was the right thing to do!  If something had happened while we were there that caused her life to end, she would of at least have died being happy, and besides a wise man (Gary) always said "It is never wrong to do the right thing"!

My Mom was a stay at home Mom, I always knew where my she was.... she was either cleaning, cooking or sewing and caring for her family in some way!  No matter where we lived my mother had the knack of decorating and making our home look nice!  There were always cookies in the cookie jar after school and a bountiful meal awaiting us for supper!

We went to the Nursing Home on Friday evening and visited with her for a couple of hours, she always loves looking at pictures on my IPAD and is always curious about it!  I did take Mom to the family outing and Mark and I were able to get her in and out of my car without much trouble at all  God is Good!... Mom was so happy, on the way to my sisters both of my girls talked to her on the speaker phone and she just kept telling them how beautiful it was outside.  Mom so enjoyed the day and seeing all five of her children and their spouses, and a few grandchildren that were able to make it!  So what if she didn't remember the next day, oh what joy she had for the afternoon!  I hope to be able to start getting her out even if just for a ride in the country when I go down to see her!
Back row Shanda & John, Me (yes I look a little windblown)  Jim, Pat & Dave
Front row:  Jean & Dennis, Mom, Mark, Donna

My favorite picture is of my sweet niece Kim holding Mom's hand!

We drove seven hours down on Friday and came back home on Saturday evening!  Then on Monday morning I headed to Spencer, IA to help out at Mike and Jill's house!  They have a 4 1/2 year old and a new baby and what new mother can't use some help?  I enjoyed being there and getting to love on Caitlyn and Christian!  Poor Christian is confused as to what to call me!  So I pretty much answer to anything!  Aunt Nana, Grandma Nancy, Grandma Nana!  One day a while back when he was visiting at our house he said "Aunt Nancy you married my Grandpa didn't you?"  I still laugh at that one!  I took my Cricut machine with me and cut out some letters for the kids rooms, do you think I remembered to take pictures? Of course not!  Maybe next time I will remember!

I have a lot of stuff to catch up on this week!

Hope you are enjoying the awesome colors that are all around!!


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