Monday, April 2, 2012

Catching Up!

I have been on the go.... (I know that is nothing new).... but I will try to catch up on here with this post!

I took a tumble a couple of Fridays ago..... Concrete + Forehead = OUCH   Thank God I wasn't seriously hurt.... but I did scratch my new glasses, (one lense is being replaced) put a nice bump on my forehead and some nice bruising!

I traveled south to see about my house.... ARRRRRGGGGGHHHHH  the Power Company had given the OKAY when my house was being done six years ago and now they are saying it isn't correct, even though they acknowledge that they did okay it..... might cost me some big bucks to fix it... but we will see how it ends up!

Oh the JOYS!  BUT  I did get to see Amber and her family!  I took the little girls and Otto  shopping.... my favorite thing to do is to buy little girls dresses and thankfully they like to wear them! (yes I do buy for the little boys too, I just really enjoy the dress shopping for girls!)  What fun we had!  We also had to go to TJ Maxx one of my favorite stores to see what they might have for little Miss Abigail who was having a Fancy Nancy Tea Party for her birthday which was this past weekend.... I believe I am the one who gave her the book, so she planned her party around the book about Tea Parties!  We found a cute fluted saucer and a big cup, then Amber and I went to the second hand store the next day and found cups and saucers on the cheap for the party!  She invited 6 little school friends along with her sister and two cousins!  What a fun day we had!  After the party when everyone else left, we filled Easter Eggs with Chocolate and then the hunt was on!  I love every minute I get to spend with my family!  I went to Jala's last week and took Miss Jilane shopping!  (She kept telling me we could go to Walmart cause they have everything!)  So glad that Mark understands about my traveling to see my family!  He doesn't always get to go with me but he does enjoy it when he does go!  The kids all love him and he loves playing with them!  (Jilane informed me the other day that Mr. Mark was such a fun guy!)   He always gives them rides on his shoulders and they stand in line waiting their turn..... Otto cried when he had to get off!

When Abigail and I were in TJ Maxx, I also found a dress form that I thought would be perfect to display my scarves on, but then I decided I would wait and get it at another TJ's on the way home... well let me tell you if you see something in a store that you like you had just better snag it right then and there!  I called ahead to 5 stores and no one had what I was looking for!  So thankfully Angie P. was going to Terre Haute a few days later and she picked it up for me!!! I was very appreciative!
I think I will name her Gabby although she doesn't talk much!

It will be great to display my scarves on when I have a sale!
It does not seem possible that Abigail turned six!  Wow the time has flown!  I retired shortly after she was born and moved to Southeastern Illinois to babysit for my first grand baby and I did that for two years, (of course another one arrived and I babysat for Capri along with Abigail ) till her Mama decided I was having to much fun and she decided to become a stay at home Mom!  So needless to say, I miss seeing them on a daily basis! I wish we lived closer to all of our kids!  I am so thankful that both of my daughters have been able to stay home with their families!  I keep telling Jala and Amber that these are the times of their lives!  All too soon they will be grown and gone!

All ready for a Tea Party!

Capri "little miss photogenic"

Jala and Jilane making a flower!

Abigail looks like she is deciding if her drink taste better out of her fancy cup!

Momma getting a shot of the Birthday girl!

The Birthday girl can read so she read each card!
Mark getting his exercise!

Hunting for Easter Eggs!

Checking out their stash and yes there is an extra girl here.... Abigail and Capri's cousin!

Now that you all are bored to pieces with my pictures.... Hope you have a terrific week!  It doesn't seem possible that Easter is upon us!  Nancy

Living, he loved me,
Dying, he saved me,
Buried, he carried my sins far away,
Rising, he justified freely forever,
One day he's coming,
Oh Glorious Day!!!!!!

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