Thursday, April 26, 2012

April 26, 2003

A day etched in my heart and mind forever.... Renal Cancer took his life but Not the memories of the wonderful, husband, father and friend that he was....

He may be gone but he lives on in our hearts and minds forever! He has missed out on so much.... I have tried my best to keep his memory alive by talking about him to the grandkids. They sometimes talk as if they knew him! He would of loved them all!

He would of loved ....
* Abigail's Spunky Spirit and kind heart
* Jilane's sassafrassness and laughter
* Capri's sweetness and tenderheart
* Jagger's all boyness
* Otto's dimples and cuteness
* Jaxton's little waddle
* Jamen's sweet spirit
* And somehow I think he already knows our Bulgarian grandson we haven't met yet!

 He would be proud of our daughters and son in laws and the fine parents they are! You don't/can't just erase a lifetime you shared and treasured with someone!

 In my heart always, Nancy

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