Friday, April 13, 2012

Friday Afternoon Pictures

Did I ever tell you I heart white tulips?  Our small group is coming for supper Sunday night, so I thought I would buy some..... I bought two glass vases (one fits inside the other) at Wally World for a total of about $6.00, added some black eye peas to the in-between wall it made and ooooohhhh laaaaa laaaaaa a cheap cool vase!
Oh and yes I made a burlap runner.....  my sweet niece makes runners and sells them on her Etsy Shop..... I thought I would try one.... what a mess.... go buy one from her......  Mudpies and Marigolds

AND remember the laundry room we recently finished and I had made vinyl sign with powder room and pantry?  I found these wooden frames at Michaels and painted them and STUCK them to the door!  Love it!

I needed a couple of belated (yeah I am late) birthday gifts so I used fabric transfer paper to put the eat on the napkins!  You just need to do a flip with the print so it prints backwards for ironing on!  EASY PEASY!

AND that is it hope you have an awesome weekend with those you love!


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