Friday, January 24, 2014

Annie Sloan Strikes again…...

So it is in my blood…. what can I say…  My dear late Mother would paint anything that stood still….. She apparently didn't care for beautiful woods….. I guess I have the same problem.  Oh don't get me wrong when we acquired this dining room table from my mother in law  back in the 80's I was into "country decor"  you know the geese, the baskets, Oak anything…. I loved it.  Well my mother in law passed away a few years after we bought the dining room outfit from her…. the other items have been given to kids… but I still liked the table.  It is not as sturdy as it once was.  I hope she forgives me for painting this and I will just believe that she would be happy that I still use it in my home, and that her granddaughters each have some of her antiques as well!  I used Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Cream.  Wishing I would have gone with a lighter shade but I am loving it for now.  I also painted the chair legs with French Linen which I think I really love that gray color!  I ended up not using the wax this time but using Minwax Polyacrylic in Satin finish.   If you want to try out ASCP it is a little pricey for the quart but if you have a small project you can get a sample size jar for $12.00….  So here you go… I have had the shingles this week so I was sick of knitting and needed to do another project.. Of course it had to include paint!  Hope you are staying warm!  Enjoy the pictures…


And this is the before…. before I went crazy with the table and chairs… so really what do you think?

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