Friday, January 3, 2014

The Master Bedroom and Bath

When we first looked at this home I knew that it was possible to put in a Master Bath in what was the Master Closet… I KNEW it could be done!

Here is the Master Closet that we have made into a bathroom!!!

and here is our bedroom before I got a hold of it…… before it got Nancyfied

  On the right hand side of our "then" closet was a laundry chute, I have forever and a day wanted a laundry chute, but where it did sit was where our vanity was to go…. NO WORRIES… my hubby could make it happen in the opposite corner…...

Here he is making my wish come true!!!  He is so great at helping me with my projects!!!!

  I made a trip to Ikea and purchased the Hemne tall dresser thinking we could he could make it work!  So the bottom two drawers we did not he didn't put together knowing that we would make it into the door to open for the laundry chute…..


AND me dropping the maiden voyage laundry load…...

You could never tell by looking at the tall dresser what  we did!!

 CAN we say I am LOVING the new bathroom...

and another view…. oh do not look too close I have a dozen or so outlet covers and do you think I could find them??? 

and the awesome new sleek style toilet!

Oh and do not look too closely and the water spotted shower doors…. the labels were on the wrong side so we now have to remove them and reinstall them the clear coat is on the wrong side…...

and looking into the bathroom from our bedroom…..

oh and another shot just because I am loving looking at it!

Oh and our bedroom, I painted the walls with Valspar Bird Song Blue….
 and purchased a Royal Design Stencil and Stenciled the same gray from the bathroom onto the one wall…….

and a shot as you come into the room

the flooring I laid…..

and if you are wondering what we did for a closet we had a closet built in along the one wall… yes it took some of our space up but we didn't really care the trade off was a Master Bathroom!!!


Thanks for looking!!!  Nancy


  1. Amazing!! Looks like it all worked out great space wise - and so worth the work to have a master bath! Will really help on your resale when you get ready to do the next house! ;) LOVE the hidden laundry shoot!

  2. Thanks Cindy, hahaha hope we stay here for a while!!!! This move about killed me!

  3. It looks lovely! What a great use of space! Brilliant! I would so loooveee to have a master bathroom! We have one bathroom in our entire house, so I am always trying to think of how to add one on! You did a great job!

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