Monday, June 9, 2014

The Poolside Tote

Yay!!!  I just finished bag #5 of the Bag of the Month Club!  The Poolside Tote and the author of the pattern is Noodle-head!  This bag is HUGE.... It is so big you could fit a small child in it plus your swimming gear! :)  Seriously it would fit the bill for toting towels for a large family to the pool plus all the other gear  you would need!  I did put some inside pockets in it, plus it has a key holder and an outside zippered pocket which is pretty big too!

So without further ado here is my bag....

I used Annie's Soft and Stable and quilted the outside of the bag, I used a home decor fabric that was pretty sturdy to boot!

Here is the front....

Here is the backside

...and the interior!

Thanks for looking!  Have a terrific Monday!!


  1. Oh you used my favourite colours. It's beautiful and I love the size. Looks like I could hide quite a bit of fabric in there when I go shopping LOLL. I have a question, I used to use fleece instead of Soft and Stable becasue I can't get it where I live but have recently found an excellent alternative which is very similar. When I quilted pieces with fleece I used to find that they would shrink slightly. Does the same happen when you quilt with soft and stable?

    1. Maria, are you meaning after washing? Because I have yet to wash anything after I have quilted it.... BUT I am very pleased with the outcome of quilting with Soft and Stable other than it is very expensive! What is the alternative that you have found? I love how it is so much easier to work with on the purses and such than the heavy Peltex! nancy

  2. Nancy I love your yummy colors and the quilting on your tote.


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