Monday, July 21, 2014

Craft/Sewing Room Update...

The room is finally organized and put back together.... I still have stuff to get rid of!  Finally it looks better than a week ago!

Here is a sneak peek...

Mark built the desk in and added the shelves, I laid fabric down, and on top of it put a piece of plexi glass, I added cork board to the wall and covered it in fabric.  I also added a light to the bottom side of the shelf.

My second sewing machine will go in this spot!

I found these cool mini bolt folders to help organize my stash!  I love them they came from

 I still have a couple of things to deal with (the two drawer cubes next to my new little sewing spot and then see that green basket on the bar chair?  yeah well it needs put away!)  But at least it is functional again!   I am still thinking of a Juki TL 2010 Q  any thoughts?  Better pictures to follow.....



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