Friday, July 11, 2014

Purse Mania

So here is a sampling of what I have been doing lately......

This is the smaller version of the Wavy Tote ..... from Sweet Bee Buzzings

and another Melba Messenger Bag from Jenna Lou Designs

And another

And this was a first for me it is Aivilo Charlotte Designs... The Satchel.... can we say loads of pockets?   My favorite thing to add to any pattern is at least one zip pocket and loads of pockets on the inside whether they call for them or not!

Thanks for stopping by!!  Nancy

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  1. Your bags are amazing. I remember the wavy top bag. I made that one ages ago but the others are new to me. The fabrics you've used are beautiful. I love the owl fabric and the orange flower one is amazing, such bright colours. I really like the last bag. Those side pockets are a great design feature and again you're choice of fabrics are amazing. Thanks for sharing these lovely bags.


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