Saturday, July 12, 2014

Stuff.... too much stuff!!!!!

I should show you what my craft room looks like at this very moment.... it looks like a CRAP Room....When we moved last fall and I chose which extra bedroom on the main level I wanted for my Craft Room, I chose the one with two closets.... you know so I could hide stuff in there..... I sold Stampin Up! for 12 years and honestly I quit selling it four years ago, and my heart just isn't in it anymore.  I do like to make cards but I have enough stuff to make cards for the next umpteen years.  I have gotten rid of tons of stuff and some of it is just hard to part with.  I have so many great memories from it and met some of the most awesome people while selling it.  I wouldn't even belong to our current church if it were not for Stampin Up...   In saying that, I do not want to get rid of everything but really, I don't even send cards....

So I have emptied one closet completely and have made a trip to Lowe's to purchase shelving to turn it into a well organized closet that I can find anything in a second or two, ok I will still have to hunt for it, but hopefully it will be easier to find!  I am hoping in reorganizing that I can significantly pair down on my extra stuff!

My plan is to make the second closet into an "extra" sewing machine closet!  I recently purchased a nice machine and it sews great!  The problem is I don't want to tear it up on some of the heavy stuff I have been making..   I already broke my accufeed foot and have had to replace that.... So I think I am going to get a straight stitch Juki..... I have heard rave reviews on it!

We will see how this pans out, you know one thing always leads to another!!!

So here is the mess I am looking at.... Mark is going to help me get the boards cut.......

Stay tuned I hope to have this cleaned up later today!!!  Now who wants this stuff??? Come get it!


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