Sunday, September 27, 2015

sewing, sewing, sewing

Oh and in between all of our adventures this summer, I have been busy sewing!

A diaper  bag for a sweet new Mom at church.

The Seneca Bag pattern by Betz White, was one of the Bag of the Month patterns.  I still have two I did not do,  one is cut out and ready to go!

I have a goal of making 10  twin size quilts for gifts (before Christmas) we will see if they get done!

This Diaper Bag out of the Professional Tote Pattern was made right before we left for Alaska for my sister in law's niece.

and these clutches..... I found out two nights before we were leaving for our two week trip that someone special wanted them for a wedding to take place two weeks after we got back from Alaska.  Knowing that I was also going to be gone for a week to babysit when we got home and that I didn't even have hardware to do this... I did stress a little.  I ordered the hardware from my favorite supplier and no worries about that they were home waiting for me when I returned.  That only left me a week to get them done,  My stepdaughter and her hubby came over one night and along with my hubby we got them cut out and they helped get some of the hardware on for me, and I had them done a day and a half later. :) 

This Diaper Bag out of the Professional Tote pattern actually was for a friend's daughter in law who lives in Italy!

This bag is for an order from a friend, from The Wavy Top Tote one of my all time favorite bags to make by Sweet Bee Buzzings, (it is  a free pattern)  I have lost count how many of these I have made!

A Strip and Flip quilt, free pattern from Cluck, Cluck Sew.  Awesome quick baby quilt!  Made it in a day and a half and I love quilting it in circles on my machine with my walking foot!!

Have a Great Sunday where ever you might be!   Nancy


  1. Nancy so many lovelies to share today! I love that Wavy Top bag and have the tutorial for a long time and haven't made it yet. I love the fabric you used! 10 twin size quilts by Dec.? Good luck with that! You are ambitious! Are you doing the quilting yourself too or paying for a long arm quilter to do it? You might get them done if you don't have to quilt them yourself. i am looking forward to seeing all those quilt so please take photos to share here.

  2. Thanks Daryl, I have one quilt completely finished and One top put together.... so technically I have 8 to go... I plan to quilt them myself. I will most likely do it on my sewing machine. Although I did take a class at a quilt shop on their long arm and can go use it for $15. an hour. So I may take advantage of that also!


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