Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Bathroom continued.....

The Stencil

The tools needed!

The Stenciled ceiling when finished I will go back and knock it down a little!
Well here I am back in the bathroom finishing up!   The project of the day is I am stenciling the ceiling with a  design to cover up/disguise some lines..... when redoing the bathroom we put a thin layer of plywood on the ceiling, I filled the cracks before I painted and after painting I still knew where the cracks were!  So what I am doing here is spraying the stencil with adhesive spray, using lightweight spackling with a putty knife and when you pull it off OOOOhhhh Laaaaa Laaaa  it is a cool design on the ceiling!  Since we are in the process of getting bids for drywalling and possible geo thermal or central air.....  (there are some great tax incentives on the geo thermal so it is at least worth looking into) I am fine with just buying a couple of huge honkin energy efficient window units to stay cool....  but back to the case in hand the ceiling these are pics I am taking as I go along!  What do you think?


  1. That is really gorgeous. I love the stencil and the depth. May I ask a question? Do you leave some of the joint compound or spackling sticking out from the stencil before you pull it off? How do you get it even? AND are you going to highlight it in some way when you paint it?

  2. Jan, Thanks, sorry it took so long to answer... I just tried to put an even amount it ends up being just a tad more than the stencil is thick, later when it is dried I went back with my putty knife and knocked off any points and scraped a little if it stuck out too much. I had actually already painted the ceiling before I did the stenciling and kind of like the contrast between the saatin paint and the flat spacking stencil! Not sure yet if I will paint over it or not at the moment I say not!


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