Saturday, July 3, 2010

Just a tiny peek

I have been busy decorating Guest Room # 2 and we have been working in the Bathroom, Mark trimming it out and I painting and decorating... I will give you a little sneak peak, I built shelves today for above the toilet and when I have finished painting them and get them hung up I will get all the pics taken!

So here you go... I found these cool little flower things at Target and painted them teal....hint, hint, the shower curtain is brown and teal....I believe the vinyl saying came from Michaels!


  1. Hi! I followed the link from "knock off wood' to your blog and I love your teal bathroom shelf AND these cute little flowers...did you get them recently? What section of target were they in? Thanks!

  2. I got the little flowers just about a month ago, they were in the area of Target that has pictures to hang on your walls. Hope you find them you actually get about 20 in the package!


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