Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Shabby flowers.....

I got out and mowed this morning (actually Tuesday and sweated my socks off) and decided to make something decorative this afternoon.... so I went back to guest room # 2 and decided to spruce the lamps up a little more.... yes I had already waved my magic wand and turned them silver (they used to be gold)... but since my theme seems to be shabby chic I had seen some of these cool flowers .....
So I had an idea and I made a bunch of these pretty little flowers!
Be careful they are addictive they make you look all over the house to see where you can put them! ;)

First you rip a strip of fabric (mine were about an inch wide) and you knot the end of it!
take a little hot glue and tuck the end under where your flower begins.... start twisting the fabic and turning the flower and glue as you go!

just keep going

till you get this, you can make them big or small... just cut your fabric off and tuck the tail under with glue or if you want it bigger add in another strip of fabric.

So here is what I did with them, this is one of the lamp shades out of the guest bedroom so I spruced it up a little....

I couldn't stop there because it looked kind of bland and needed some green, so I made some more flowers out of some green ribbon and then also glued some green ribbon to the top and the bottoms of the lamp shades.

ta daaaa there you have a shabby chic shade!

these were the lamps I sprayed painted...

this little lamps sets on a desk in the room....

had to show you the rest of the decorating

and there you have it .... my craftiness for one afternoon.....


  1. I love those flowers and that room.

  2. I think that room was made for me :). Thanks for the ideas! Your blog is lovely and so clean.

  3. I've always wanted to make those flowers and now I can with your wonderful tutorial. Thank you!!


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