Sunday, December 19, 2010

Christmas a week early!

You know how you anticipate and look forward to a certain event or family gathering and you prep and prepare for guests and then it seems like in a blink of an eye it is gone, over, done and all you have left are the memories?  Well that is just what happened to me!  We have been working really hard to get some projects completed for Christmas celebrations we were having here in New Liberty and the first event is already over with... everyone has gone home... the beds have been stripped the floors vacummed and the trash has been put out... now all I have left is these few pictures I took and the memories in my head!  Memories are something you can keep forever!  We had Super Girl Heroes at our house!  Aunt J made some awesome Super A and Super C capes and eye masks!  The girls loved them!  Between Miss Capri swirling around in her dress (Miss C thinks she needs to wear a dress everyday and it cannot just be any kind of dress it must have a ruffle or skirt on it or she is NOT a happy camper and this is at age 3)  and little Jagger loving his roller coaster ride he got  ( I think his gift was a hit.... all the kids wanted to ride on it)  I sure hope he doesn't break his neck on the silly thing!  What was I thinking???

Now we are gearing up for our next Celebration on Christmas Day!!  I hope and pray you find the Joy that Jesus birth brought as you celebrate this awesome season!  Go make some MEMORIES!

Super Heroes don't need a car!

How many men does it take to put this together?  TWO with a supervisor! :)

Jagger on his first journey down the track!


  1. I do think you are crazy Grandma for that car slide.

  2. oh I am thinking that the house may feel a little to quiet now. But you have some great memories! Merry Christmas!


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