Monday, December 6, 2010

A peek at the tile!

Here is what I am busy with today!  I am tiling the kitchen floor!  Mark pulled up the linoleum and patched a few places in the subfloor over the weekend...  We are doing it in sections!  Tonight he will put out the fridge, replace a couple of pieces of subfloor and I will go ahead and tile and grout it!  I am quite pleased with the outcome thus far!  We are using 18 inch vinyl tile that you put spacers in between each tile and actually grout it with a latex grout!  This is saving several thousand dollars versus having someone else lay it!  (Lowes wanted 4700 to put new subfloor down, and lay ceramic tile!  This cost just under $600!!!!)  The end effect it does look like ceramic!  Not sure I could tell the difference!

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  1. I love the floor & your counters too. I have a question about the floors. Can it be put down over the old linoleum? Mine is still good but I don't like it & I would love for it to look like real tile.


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