Wednesday, December 1, 2010

You know I cannot do a Wordless Wednesday!

You know I am continually busy, bad habit I guess... I have never been much of one to sit around and do nothing and of course I have a ton of things on my "to do List"!  So even though I was going to be gone most of the day.... ( I had a delightful luncheon to go to with some friends I don't get to visit with very often! Thank You Kathy!)  I have been quite busy painting the nook area of the kitchen (Valspar Paint "Drizzling Mist"  ceiling "Silver Leaf") and painting the woodwork (white) ... I painted a chalkboard onto the wall (love it) also painted a big frame "french blue" to put around it, Mark started pulling up the vinyl linoleum on the kitchen floor and well we have just been busy!  So here are several pictures so you can see what is going on!

Here are some pictures with more finished ones to follow!

Oh yes you can see the mess in the reflection !!!  I have to make a mess to make something pretty it is pretty much a law!

Cute little two layered tin I got from Hobby Lobby ( any suggestions on what to put in it?)

I got these a year ago to make and just now got around to it!

Yep there he is working away on the floor! :)

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  1. I say you don't put anything in the thingamajig and give it to me :) it would go perfect in my dining/kitchen.... :)


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