Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mothers Day!

Happy Mother's Day to all of you wonderful Mothers out there!  I am thankful for my wonderful Mother!   She raised me in a Christian home, I never heard my mother say a curse word of any kind in her life!  As a child we were not even aloud to use the word butt it was our bottom! haha  My mother never worked out of the home, she cleaned, cooked, and sewed all of our clothes!  I am the youngest of five so yes I am the baby!  My mother will soon be 89, she took a really bad fall last year and she is now in a nursing home, she still remembers all of us, she just doesn't recollect what happened 10 minutes ago!  Nothing puts a smile on her face like when she sees one of her grandchildren or one of her five children come for a visit!  Bless her heart... I love you Mom!

Happy Mother's day to my daughters, Jala and Amber you both mean the absolute world to me!  I made mistakes as a mother (WE ALL DO)  but I did the best I knew how and I think you both turned out pretty great!  Sure you can look back and see things you would of done differently, but you only have one shot at it!  I think you both are wonderful mothers to my beautiful grandbabies!


And these six little guys and gals below have brought such joy into my life!  They are lively and fun to be around and have made me laugh till I cannot laugh anymore! 
The SIX !!!
I went to Jala's on Friday and Jilane and I made Snickerdoodles and Chocolate Chip Cookies!  Jilane had fun, and at one point I said "Hey Babygirl" and she informed me she was not a baby she was a "kid" !

She was so proud of herself for making her snickerdoodle into a chocolate chip snickerdoodle!

This girl loves cookies!!!

Hope you all enjoy your day!


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