Monday, May 2, 2011


Where has this year gone?  April 30th was my first anniversary of blogging!  When I started this blog, it was so our kids could see what we were doing at "This Old House"!  As I look back I cannot believe we have accomplished all that we have done!  I know, I know, here lately it has become my crafting blog and not so much my renovation blog!  We got the major things done and we still have some things to do!  I figure all that I post happens in the life's of those living in "This Old House"!  We have come along way in the past year!  Two floors have been completely transformed!  I actually got moved in!

  We still have a list going of " Things to Do"!

1.  Finish the stairway (this one has been a while in the making!).  We have the metal work and have started it!  Maybe this coming weekend will be the weekend we can work on it!  How many times have you heard me say that?

2.  The 3rd floor needs to get organized so we can figure out for sure what we are doing up there!  There is a working half bath but we would like to put a shower in also, replace the flooring and I would like to make it a nice guest suite!

3.  The basement, well it needs cleaned out! 

4.  Landscaping needs all the old bushes pulled out so we can start new on that!

5.  The roof over the apartment needs replaced and the guys should be starting that by the end of the month.

6.  The exterior either needs painted or replaced with vinyl siding...

7.  The "room between" ( I never know what to call it... it is the back entry area into the house and separate the apartment from the house) it is where the laundry area will be but we need to finish getting the flooring down and get that area painted.

8.  The pantry needs to be gutted, we have some water damage there!

Geesh the list is shrinking!  A year ago, there were days I thought we would never be done!  I know that in an old house you are never done there is always something to work on!

So bare with me as I keep on crafting and doing other projects around here!  I only have 22 followers, which is those that actually admit to following and then I have lots and lots of lurkers!

Hope you all have an awesome Monday!



  1. You have acomplished quite a bit! Maybe if I start drinking coffee I can have half of your energy.


  2. Thanks Aaron! Coffee? Maybe that is where my energy comes from! ;) Speaking of coffee I could use some about right now!


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