Friday, May 6, 2011

Stenciled Napkins

Yesterday I was busy preparing for company!  My Ladies Small Group (CARE) from church were coming out for supper at my house!  I had bought some fresh flowers for the table and decided to make some new napkins!  I had wanted some monogrammed napkins, and had some napkins on hand so I stenciled them!  Yes, I could of made the napkins but I have been buying them at Walmart 2 for $3.00 and they work great and not expensive either!  I kept busy from early morning until they got here!  I got the house completely clean and my laundry caught up!  We were missing two ladies and hope they are feeling better!  We had a great time!  This group has been together for a long time, studying God's word and sharing our lifes when one leaves they replace her with another, while some go away and come back like me!  These ladies are very special to me, they walked with me through some of my darkest days, we have gone through births of grandbabies, deaths, weddings, surgeries, sickness etc. and just everyday happenings so we have cried and laughed together many times!  They are an awesome group of ladies that I am proud to be a part of their lifes!

Have an Awesome Mother's Day Weekend, and be sure to tell your mother how much you love her!  I miss not being able to call my mom anytime since she is in a Nursing Home!  I had the joy of visiting with her last weekend not realizing that this weekend was Mother's Day and since it is a LONG drive I will go down another day to visit with her!

I know, I know the title says Stenciled Napkins and I talked more about my Care group!  Scroll down and you will see the napkins!


Kathy took the picture so she is missing in the picture!

I used black acrylic paint!

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