Sunday, June 17, 2012

American Girl

Yes, I finally did it!  I took my three granddaughters along with their Moms to the American Girl Store... WE  had a wonderful time.....  (oh and yes baby j went along too!) While yes, I have heard comments, "do you know how expensive that is",  "Are you Crazy?"  Why yes, yes I know I am crazy I did know it was going to cost a few dollars to go.... It was wonderful to take them all there and have an awesome, memory making day together!  Two Sisters and their Cousin all three my precious granddaughters!  The workers in the AG store all were fantastic, and after we shopped for three hours, (it takes time to pick out the right doll, her outfit, get her ears pierced and wait for her beauty shop appointment)!  After Shopping we went next door to the Cheesecake Factory and had an awesome lunch together!  None of us wanted to part when the day was over! 

Just so you know it, I realize you do not have to spend money to make memories but this was something I have been wanting to do for ages and it finally worked out that we could all go and enjoy it together... The little girls will always remember the day and what fun we had together.  
I have always felt as if I am Spoiling/Loving/Enjoying them not just for me but I am doing it for their Papa Gary too!  I know he is watching down from Heaven every time we are together!  So to me the day was absolutely PRICELESS!!!

Here is a little video I did of the day!  

Wishing you a great weekend!  


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