Thursday, June 21, 2012

Craft Room/Office Redo (Kind of)

If you have followed my blog very long, I have been in search of the almost  perfect or should I say functional craft room.   I have had some awesome craft rooms.... in a house several years ago, a dear friend finished the basement off and half of the basement was my craft room, with built in cabinets, a bathroom nearby, an actual coffee bar..... but I sold that house.   That was the best craft room ever... maybe someday it will be replicated.  If not I will make do with what I have.  So in this big old house it has been a struggle to come up with something functional in a small room.  I finally decided I had to revamp the craft island I had made.... so I did some major rearranging, went through my stuff, got rid of some things and am still going through stuff as I put it away!

So for now here is what I have.... I hung shutters up above the crafting desk (used to be island), put up a few sentimental cards.... they were some of the last I made with my late friend Crystal.. the bird I bought at her "sale".   Of course I didn't' have to put that up to remind me of her, I am reminded every time I stamp.

I found the awesome chair at Marshalls, and the lamp at TJ Max!  I have a theme going on here it looks like with the green!

Oh and YAY I got rid of all the stuff hanging on the back of the door and made a gift wrapping area, plus hooks to hang my knitting bag and purse on!!!

So there you have it, this is what I have been up to and still working on!

Have a great Thursday!


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