Monday, May 12, 2014

Another Bag....

I made this a few weeks ago ( was waiting to get it shipped to her before I posted) for my long time friend Pat, she has been so good to take care of some errands for me with my house that is over 5 hours away from here.  I have it on the market and she is Johny on the Spot to do things for me.  In this case she was "Pat on the Spot".

So I knew that she loves purses, the bigger the better and she LOVES yellow....  ( I waited to post this until she had received her surprise in the mail)!   I hope she enjoys it as much as I had fun making the Purse and the Wallet!

I ordered the purse pattern from Etsy, the instructions left a lot to be desired.... It was one piece of paper with no illustrations.  but I will say I have found the best pattern designer's around and will continue to give them my business...... I joined the Bag of the Month Club so look out.... it looks like I will continue to make bags.... The wallet I pretty much have down pat!  I am not a yellow person but I LOVE this fabric....  Can you see the outside pockets on the bag?  Next time I will do a contrasting fabric!

One of the things I wished I had followed my instincts on and not paid a bit of attention to the author of the pattern was to sew my handles on BEFORE finishing the bag.  Oh well you live and learn!

The pattern did not call for any pockets anywhere!  No fear, I put a zippered one on the inside as well as a pencil pocket and a little bigger pocket PLUS two outside pockets which a cell phone will fit into.  Well at least the iPhone  fits in it!

The wallet  I LOVE!!!

And the inside.... on the far left their are two clear pockets for ID .....  a small zippered pocket for coins, two pockets one for cash and one for a checkbook and 5 slots for credit cards.... I think I have it covered!  The tri-fold-wallet pattern came from Craftsy and was worth every penny even if I changed it up a bit.  

and a coin purse key fob ( my first) and here is the free tutorial for that.....  Thank you Dog Under My Desk!  It is my first and not so perfect!!! Oh and my yellow zipper doesn't match up too well.... 

Hope you all had a Happy Mother's Day!

Blessings to you!  Nancy


  1. The style of the bag is nice and yes it's a shame those handles weren't put in before swing the bag up but I love the changes you've made to it. I too love your wallet. What a practical style and I've made a load of those zippy pouches, they're so easy and quick to make. Love the whole set and the fabric, you did a good job and I'm sure your friend will love it.

  2. Thanks Maria, she received it yesterday and was pretty excited! Nancy

    1. And Maria, I found the link for the zippy pouches on your blog, but this one was my first and the next will hopefully be straighter! Nancy


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