Monday, May 19, 2014

The Necessary Clutch

Oh I think I just found the wallet/clutch that is just perfect!  You can get a lot of necessary items in it! ;)  After finishing it I found a tutorial for adding a removable strap, which I will add next time!  I made it in an afternoon, so it was relatively easy, and the directions were great!  The Pattern is from Emmaline Bags and she sells the hardware kits also!

Next time I won't topstitch with white!  

The Clutch has two pockets you cannot see, one is by my finger and my checkbook is in there... the other is right in the front for cash!

Bella found a spot to nap up on my chair covered with fabric and interfacing!

Happy Monday to all!  Nancy


  1. AHHHHHHH!!!!! I don't know which to comment on first, Bella or your lovely wallet. Bella is just adorable, I want to hug and squeeze her. I've seen this wallet popping up a lot lately and its a lovely design. I too have the pattern but haven't made it yet. Maybe it will be my Friday make. Yours is beautiful. You've used my favourite colours.

  2. Thanks Maria! Next time I will put hardware on for a removable strap and that would make this wallet perfect! We have something in common because Blue is my favorite color too! Have a great Tuesday! Nancy


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