Saturday, May 24, 2014

The Mabel Messenger

The Mabel Messenger Bag just got finished up a few days ago.... and I couldn't be more pleased... It is a Birthday gift for my first born daughter, she picked out the fabric and she wanted a pop of color for the interior, and knowing she loved pink, I thought this would be perfect for her!  The pattern I am sure will be a favorite, the pattern is by  Jenna Lou Designs, it was a simple and straight forward pattern!  My daughter has seen a sneak peak of it and it will be in her hands this morning!

The bag has a magnetic closure and a gorgeous silver button for some bling!

I added the outside hidden pocket with a zipper and The Handcrafted Zipper Pull came from  if you are in need of hardware for your bags she is the go to gal!  You will have your order all the way from Canada in at least 7 days!

The inside Wow color!  I put in a hidden pocket with a zipper and two slip pockets!

While I loved this bag, I soon realized that my gusset on the bottom was 5 inches not the 3 inches the pattern called for.... so what to do but make another... Yes, that is exactly what I did!  The reason being the 3 inch made for a taller, sleeker bag which is what I was going for with this purse.  So here is the difference side by side....  My measuring mistake was in measuring in the length 3 inches rather than in the width... Who knew it would make a difference?  I do, now! :)

 and the only real difference on the inside is the taller purse has and extra set of pockets on the same side as the interior zipper pocket.....  I like zippers and pockets what can I say??

I am assuming she will choose the taller purse with the smaller gusset on the bottom more suitable for a cross-body bag.... and of course I made her a wallet and it is again the Necessary Wallet by Emmaline Bags....  

It matches the lining of the purse.  This time I also made detachable straps for those moments that with four little ones in tow all she might need is her billfold and her hands free!  I did spray it with Scotch Guard to help protect from little fingers! :)

I will take some pics later today with the Birthday Girl and her purses!  Wow, where in the world did the last 36 years go?

We had Breakfast with her and her and her sweet family this morning!  She loved both purses!! :)  We then went to Lowe's and the rest of her gift was a 5 gallon bucket of paint for her downstairs! Somehow I think I will be involved in the application process!  :)

Hope you all enjoy your Memorial Weekend.    Nancy

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