Sunday, May 25, 2014

New Name...

I finally have figured out how to change my Blog Header thanks to some tutorials from Sew Many Ways!  So bear with me as I am trying to make some changes!

My Blog started out as This Old House In New Liberty 4 years ago this June.  My original purpose was so our family could see all the changes we were making in our home and since we purchased another home and moved last fall it didn't make sense to keep the same name.

Wrapped In Love came about when I started a fund raiser to help my daughter and family with their overseas adoption and I started a Facebook Page to sell knitted scarves and other items on.

Thanks to a friend (Lynn Tullock) came up with the name Wrapped In Love for me and since everything I do (whether it is Knitting, Sewing, Painting or DIYing is done with Love,)  I decided to just name my Blog that also!

So stay tuned as my journey continues!

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  1. Love the name and the meaning behind it. Best of luck with the new look blog.


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