Monday, March 28, 2011

Birthday Celebration!

Today is my mother in laws 85th Birthday!  We decided to surprise her with a Birthday Party Open House Saturday afternoon!  She was suspicous that something was up just not sure what we were up to!  Since she lives in an apartment attached to the house, we had to be careful that we did things when she wasn't coming up since her grandkids had already arrived the day before!  It went off without a hitch we had a houseful of people... we tried to be creative so that not everyone showed up at the same time and sent out two different invitations, half said from 1:00-3:00 and the rest said 3:00-5:00 although at one point we had people standing EVERYWHERE!  I think she was pleased to see so many people!  She had nieces, nephews, cousins and a lot of greats and a few great, great nieces and nephews too!  We were happy to do this and show off the house at the same time!  She didn't believe she had ever had a Birthday Party before and on Friday Megan her only grandaughter and I took her for a Pedicure and to Lagomarcino's for lunch so she had several "firsts"!  Thanks Kevin and Megan for all of your help!

Happy Birthday Sylvia!!

The Surprise!

The first to arrive was a childhood friend and her daughter!

Church Friends!

Two "old friends"!  Sylvia and Carol

gathered in the kitchen

Sylvia for a number of years has driven to Bennett schools and had the children read to her, so some teachers and children came to honor her! 

AND they keep on coming!

more church friends!

Theresa her special friend that gives her rides to church!

Sylvia and Shirley have been friends since Sylvia moved here!  What a Blessing they have been to each other!

Megan and Hunter

Sylvia's nieces Vivian and Terri!

Jill holding baby Payden while Christian looks at how tiny she is!  I love the hot pink head band and socks that matched!

Sylvia with her Great, Great niece!
And Robert he just gets the biggest kick out of giving me a hard time!

Christian and Matthew ( I think they are Buds!)  Thanks Matthew for playing with Christian!  He loves you!
And I believe that sums up the day!  Today it is noon and I am still in my pajamas!!  So thankful for everyone coming to honor Sylvia!


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