Monday, March 7, 2011

Monday Monday!

Welcome to Monday .....  this will probably be the only post this week!  I wanted to share with you what I have been busy doing.... I painted the half bath behind the kitchen on Friday and got it spruced up!  We also had a couple of visitors from Kansas City, Missouri for a few days and I must say Megan has become quite the knitter and I even have a picture to prove it!  She has knitted numerous scarves, washcloths, a shopping bag and found a neat pattern to make bracelets, and is making them upon requests!!! Hey I want one of them too!!  We had our Bible Study group from church out last night for supper so our house has been a buzzing with guests!

This will be our next project to finish up!  The stairway it goes  up from both the kitchen and the living room!  It sits beside the fireplace!

A few of my favorite things!
The sheet music was actually from when my mother in law was in the Marching Band!
Megan knitting with CoCo's assistance and Michelle who had knitted a few years back and she picked it up like she knew what she was doing! :)
Hope you all have a Blessed Week!  Spring is coming soon and I cannot wait!!


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