Friday, March 18, 2011

Friday's Happenings!

I have been busy this week.....  Knitted a few hats.... went to the Knitting Nook at The Buzz in Eldridge, Iowa met some wonderful people there and was quite pleased to learn that they are going to open up a knitting store!! YAY!!!!  Yesterday I drove down to the Fairview Farm..... and played with Jilane and Jagger all day while Mommy and Daddy ran errands with Jaxton!  What Fun!!

Today I am going to clean up my craft/mess room!  I am actually going to rearrange it and get it better organized so I will soon post pictures of that!

Tomorrow I am going to a Scrap Event at my church and spend part of the day!  I am also looking forward to going on a Yarn Cruise next week!  (Driving to 3 different Yarn Stores)  That should be fun!

Please continue to remember my nephew Matt and his family in your prayers he lives in Sekura, Chiba Japan.. They were not harmed but shaken... literally... Please pray for all of Japan!  I cannot even imagine what they are going through!

Three more newborn hats going out in the mail today to Amber for her Photography Props!

Have a Blessed Friday!


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