Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Tuesday's Toot......

I feel like when I am not posting you all are thinking.... What is she doing?  Sitting around and watching soaps and eating Bon Bons???  NOPE  I never was much of a SOAP person!  I am usually busy doing something!  Oil change yesterday, a little shopping I needed to get done.... will post pictures of that later!  Today I had a Bible Study on "Ruth" a really wonderful study,  lunch with a friend, came home and gave some wonderful ladies a tour of what we have done around the house..... and tomorrow back to the dealership to get some new brake pads... when you drive as much as I do...... it happens quickly....  My car just turned "2" and I have 74,000 miles on it!  I know it is a lot of miles but I figure those wheels were made for turning and I have to travel to see my family!

THAT was not what I planned on posting what I intended on posting was......  blog hopping to other wonderful sites can be detrimental to what you were actually trying to accomplish! 

One of my recent blog hunts found this awesome paper rose ball so thanks to Claire over at Bless My Nest for yet another project .... because you know I had to make one!!!   This is actually just like my rosettes that I have done in the past I just hadn't done it with paper...... Shabby Flowers I made  I am not done yet but I have been trying to make about a dozen or so flowers anytime I come into "the room"!  So here you go.....
Cut circles and tons of them~  this is out of old sheet music and quite fragile....  about the size of a CD

Cut it into a spiral

start winding and glueing making the center a little tighter....

You end up with a little circle on the back I glue the twirled up part with my glue gun and the stick the back to it....

the backside

And there you have it.... but you have only just begun if you want this......

I covered a styrofoam ball with strips of the sheet music

and put into my 3.99 pot from TJ Max

Hope you have an awesome Wednesday!

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  1. I love it! Those paper flowers are addicting aren't they...I have about 10 stashed in a drawer.


  2. Oh Nancy! I LOVE those rosettes. Thank you for showing me how to make them....they are so pretty on the sheet music!! Can't wait to show this to my daughter...she's 10 and is really big into crafting right now. Maybe we can incorporate this into a banner for St. Paddy's Day or Easter. Hmmmmm now you've got me thinking!
    Have a great weekend!


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