Monday, April 25, 2011

Benefits of being a passenger!

We just got back from a road trip, and besides enjoying the visit with family I enjoy being a passenger and knitting as the miles pass by (and on a 5 hour trip you can sure get a lot finished)!  I finished a poncho for Miss Capri, my other purple lover and also made a newborn hat!  I did get some slippers done for an old friend and mailed them off to her (she wanted some slippers like her grandmother used to make)!  So here are my pictures of all of the above!

House Slippers for Donna  ( I mailed these out last week!)

Another View an old pattern I had not used in years, it was actually the first pattern I ever used way back in the day!

A hat for a newborn prop for my photographer daughter

Jilane's Poncho after I steamed the edges... it looks so much better!

Capri's Purple Poncho!

a newborn headband!

That is all I have for today!


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