Monday, April 18, 2011


Just put my taxes in the mail.... well at least I think I did.... they already closed when I got there at 3:55 so I put them in the mailbox outside which is supposed to be picked up at 4:15 but who knows? If not I will get a notice and will be sending our wonderful government more money!

I think the government should hire Dave Ramsey as a Financial Advisor although he just might pull the rest of his hair out!

On a more pleasant subject check out this awesome yarn I got last week....

Doesn't it look YUMMY???
hand spun wool.... not as soft as the baby alpaca below... but it will make a pretty felted purse!

This is baby alpaca and it is so incredibly soft!  I should of gotten 2 skeins of it also!

Hope you had an awesome start to this week!  I spent the morning cleaning....


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