Friday, April 8, 2011

Flowers, flowers everywhere!!

I got my craft on this morning!  ........Why is being crafty so messy?? Remember my clean craft room from a few weeks back?  Well I will spend the afternoon cleaning it back to its pristine condition!  Maybe I am just a messy person!  I spent the morning crafting I must be craving spring flowers because flowers were on the agenda!  For those of you always asking how I do the flowers here are pictures to show you how I did the following flowers!

this was done with felt I folded in half a piece that was approximately 3 1/2 inches wide and 14 inches long and cut on the fold until you have it all cut.

Then start rolling it up!

glue the back with a hot glue gone and oohh la la you will end up with flowers like these!

Another flower is cut 7 circles out of felt or fleece 1 3/4 inches

put a little dab of hot glue right about here.

pinch it right where the glue is!

start gluing them onto one of the circles which will be the back of the flower

ahhhh there you have it

add a button in the middle!

another flower almost the same as another one above here but this one is just one piece not folded over it is about  2 inches wide and about 12 - 14 inches long, start cutting into the fleece but not all the way to the edge!

roll it up and the back will look like this so then you will glue it

these are headbands for newborns.....

oh when I am craftin I am craftin.... took a straw wreath and wrapped yarn around it... have seen these all over blogland either done with yarn, twine, burlap etc....

I then wrapped the wreath with a contrasting yarn....
My daughter led me to a site that this really clever gal actually has craft classes and are making a wreath quite similiar to this one.... if you live in the Peoria, Illinois area you might just want to check her out!  She is quite talented!  Whoa Nellie Crafts
and added some flowers and lace....

oops another headband.... this was done with really wide ribbon that I put a gathering stich through one side and pulled it to gather it into this cute little flower and added a button...

another necklace

more headbands...

and more

Now onto the cleaning I'll be doing the rest of this dreary afternoon?  Yikes I really made a mess!!!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend....

Be Blessed!


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  1. Love all the flowers and the wreath. I tried a yarn wrapped wreath once but it took me forever because my yarn got all goofed up and tangled. Yours looks great, love the simple contrasting lines.



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