Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Wednesday... Crafts and Technology

This week is passing by soooo quickly! I have been busy... I got a new toy over the weekend although it is a toy with a purpose... I need to start taking notes at a monthly business meeting and from my past life as a secretary and having gone this route before, I could never read my notes later! So I knew I was looking for a laptop and had been eying the I-Pad for a long time pun intended... I ended up going with the I Pad2 3G.... and you might ask "how are you going to take notes with that?" Well I bought the cute little wireless keyboard from Apple it ended up being cheaper and more portable than what I was looking at and for 9.99 I downloaded Pages which is Apple's form of Word.... So now that I am all set for the minute taking.... I needed something to protect it and the Smart cover took care of the front and not the back.... and hey I dont' want to scratch it all up in my purse! So I have searched and searched online to no avail... and I had bought some material and really stiff interfacing to put a lining in this....  (and knew I had bought a little extra fabric)

This is my latest knitting project a "Project Bag"  This is before the felting .. I will show a finished product when I am done!
 But now to the project at hand... I made an I-Pad sleeve this morning which I really like... I used some of the extra material for my felted bag!  I will do a tutorial later, I made it up as I went!  It will serve it's purpose quite well and it saved me money....  I may just have to open an Etsy shop after all and make some of these to sell!

and oh yes that is my toe sticking in the picture!

One of the neatest things I have downloaded was several different Bible's, (NIV and Message) and when in WiFI I have access to zillions more!  I did download a few games but don't tell my grandkids! Ha Ha!

Now onto the rest of my day.... gonna go give my husband a hand down at the shop, then onto the Knitting Nook in Eldridge, Iowa and to the newest knitting shop in the area "365 Days on a Farm Knitting shop and Boutique"  right next to the Buzz in Eldridge where the knitters meet every Wednesday!

Hoping you have a good rest of the week!



  1. Let me know how you end up liking the computer...we are thinking of getting a laptop for me now that I'm attempting to do a small business.


  2. I like it so far, but will let you know!! Glad your reaping the benefits of your hard work!


  3. Have fun with your new toy. I love the fabric you chose. Thanks for linking to We're Organized Wednesday.


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