Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Another purse under my belt....

So when I bought a new sewing machine a month ago, I was excited to sew again...... I never thought that my by far favorite thing so far was to tackle making purses/wallets/bags....   I just made purse #2, I do not believe I have ever sewn piping before so that was a first and I need some practice on that one!  The piping was a challenge on the corners.

This pattern was bought from ... the pattern was good and I am sure I will buy more from her, her instructions were good!   Although I did like the Tinker Tote, since it was video instructions, I could keep replaying the video.... ;)  the Craftsy Class was kinda pricey $39.00, but it also taught me how to Quilt as you go which was why I didn't mind paying the price.  I like the pattern well enough that I will make another!

Below is the finished bag, notice I even put brad/rivets on the straps.  Finding the hardware was one of the hardest parts... I should of just ordered them from the author of the pattern!

It has a zippered closure which I really like!

And pockets on the inside!

Now I have a very belated Wedding Gift I need to make for a special couple..... I guess it will be their 1st Anniversary present!

Happy Wednesday!  Nancy


  1. Beautiful! I like the zipper, too.

    1. Thanks! I am relatively new to bag making, I took many a year hiatus from sewing! Zippers were always easy for me Thankfully! Nancy

  2. Hi I'm over from Christine's linky party. I love your bag and the fabrics you used. I was one of Christine's testers for this pattern and have made two myself. You did a wonderful job and the piping is excellent. Well done. So glad I found your blog and will be your newest follower as soon as I click publish.

    1. Thanks Maria! As you can see I am new to Bag Making..... But am loving it! So far I love the challenge of a new pattern! It was a great pattern, my biggest obstacle was the piping..... but I have a friend who is an avid seamstress who is coming over tonight to give me some help in that area! Nancy


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