Friday, April 11, 2014

Tinker Tote Bag -

Yessireeee I signed up for a Craftsy Class….. Quilt as you go, Tinker Tote Bag. . . .   It was a great way to do a project, and learn some new techniques.   I put Vinyl on the bottom so I can wipe it off when it gets sat somewhere nasty…. I made my own bias tape.  Trust me it is not perfect, but I like it!!!!  You learn by your mistakes.  I scaled this down a quarter smaller than it was supposed to be… but it is a nice purse size!  Vera Bradley look out! The Teacher for this class was Tara Rebman and she did an awesome job…. It was great that I could   P A U S E    and then go back where I left off…..

  And Here you have the finished project…

Can you tell what my favorite color is???

Almost finished below, before the bias tape.

and the inside one side has a zippered pocket and the other two pockets…...

 All the pieces are finished and laid out ready to finish up….

I was so impressed with my zippered pocket!

Don't look, I used some scraps for the pockets the one on the left is wonky at the bottom, but that is why it is at the bottom, no one will ever see it…. How do you like my wild lining fabric?

And there it is in all of its glory waiting for the binding.

You will have to excuse me now while I go clean my room again!!!!  Nancy


  1. Wow! How cool is that?! Great for you, a person with a purse fetish and a seriously handy, creative personality! I may have to figure this out and try it myself!
    Thanks for sharing~

    1. Thanks Beth! I used to sew a lot and over the years had gotten away from it…. The Craftsy videos are awesome! I had never made a purse before, was always afraid to try! I will be making more! Nancy


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