Monday, April 14, 2014

Just a few things

Since I made the Craftsy Quilt as you go Tinker Tote Bag by Tara Rebman, I decided if I could do that I could make a tri-fold wallet to go with it!  So I found a pattern online and I did just that, It took a couple of hours, because I decided to do the outside in Quilt as you go…. I am sure next time the wallet will not take so long, but with this being my first and trying to figure out the pattern in my head and exactly what I was doing… it took a little bit to do it.  I certainly will not be afraid to tackle it next time!!

Below you can see all of my finished pieces done and ready to be put together…… who knew it would be so easy???

Below is the finished Inside view of the Wallet… I did add a few things to the wallet, I had some clear vinyl so I made a spot on the left for my drivers license, (it goes where the Fuel Saver card is)   and instead of 4 credit card pockets I made 5 pockets…. the right is a cash pocket.  Next time I will also add a zipper on the outside for coins, and a couple of more slots to make use of all of my space on this tri-fold!!!

I made some fabric labels with my logo on it…...

And here is the front.  It has a Velcro closure in case you were wondering…..

Oh yeah I made a little bag for purse junk to match also…. ( I even lined it, made a pocket on the inside and put a zipper in)…….

 And there you have my purse ensemble!  Vera better look out!!!

oh and I had this clear iPhone case laying around so Voila' a cell phone case to match…. I must stop myself!!!!!

What did you do this weekend?


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