Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Saturday-Fun Day!

These three were entertained by being twirled around in an office chair!!  Talk about squealing!

If you are bored with pictures of cute kids... Do not look any farther cause that is what you are getting today! The drywallers have been very unreliable to say the very least..... Here one day for an hour and the next day they don't even show up!  But go figure they came Saturday and Sunday and now we haven't seen them since....  their "four day job" is now into the 3rd week..... ARRRRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHH  we have other things scheduled to take place later this week and it would sure be nice to have this all finished before then.... They have one days worth of work to do... but they have not given us a full day from the start!  So since I can't show you any more pictures of what is going on in the house, here are the pictures from Saturday.... Amber drove up with the kiddos to her sisters house so we drove down to see them.  They were all going to come up here but our house is a total mess, we were going to go down to the park and let them play and have a picnic (it POURED) and the night before the girls decided to do a test run to see which vehicle they could get five car seats in and they would not all fit into any of them!!! I told Amber that is what they got for having so many kids (and I love and adore each one of them) and Jala still has one in the oven!  Which by the way this one could be ready to make an entrance anyday now!  I went down yesterday and painted the little guys room!

Sylvia holding baby Otto

You gotta be fast to take this little guys picture cause he is on the go constantly....

Me holding little Otto!!

Is Capri not just the cutest little princess you ever saw?

Jilane who had a ball with her cousins!

Mark holding Otto

Mark must of had the touch!

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