Friday, September 24, 2010

There is S'more to the story!

So everything started out pretty normal today..... Mark took the day off to help me finish painting..... We really got a lot accomplished.... Still have to put a 2nd coat of paint on the walls in the family room.  The fireplace people showed up around 9:15 am.... they were doing good,  they got everything done with our old chimney up on top of the house although they were not thrilled about the height, little did they know that wasn't all they would have to talk about!  The first fireplace was an insert into our old existing fireplace and went off without a hitch!  Now the second fireplace has a funny story to it... When all of this was being discussed at the store the owner assured Mark that it was fine to go ahead and have the drywall done before the fireplaces were installed, now if you look at the above picture you will see that there is a bookcase inset on each side of this fireplace with a soffit  like overhead...  well this guy who could stand in the spot  the fire place was going was going to have to exit out of the side of the house through a 10 inch hole..... he thought he could do it said he had made it through a 12 inch opening before...  (Below is the piece they took out of the outside wall for the exhaust to go through....)   keep reading,.....
Well guess what?  They inserted the fireplace and he hooked the gaslines up, and the pipe and the only thing he had left to do was exit the soffit where he was up in the wall above where our bookcase is going to be....  He could get his legs and his lower half of his body out up to his shoulders
and he was STUCK!!!   He came out feet first, looked like the wall was giving birth! hahaha

Mark thought for sure he was going to have to call the fire dept. There he is with his legs flailing all about and he couldn't come out any farther!   As Mark and the other worker were about to push him through he was able to contort his body and pull himself back into the wall?!!!  So there we have this guy who as he went back into the wall he lost his pants they were left hanging on the outside of the house and he pulled them back in  (a video would of been hilarious)... So I now have a half naked man in my wall.... I guess we could just feed him food and see what happened but Mark being the nice guy... You know that awesome drywall we just had done and I just put 3 coats of the expensive primer paint on?  Well my dear sweet husband rescued the guy and cut a hole in the dining room to get him out....  Now mind you while all of this is going on Mark and the other guy were outside laughing hysterically as well as the gals across the street at GB's were all taking a break and they were all getting a kick out of the happenings once again across the street this Old House in New Liberty!  Here is the hole my dining room wall is now sporting!
Might I add I was all for leaving the guy in the wall rather than destroy our perfectly beautiful wall? 
Here is Mark this evening acting like he is roasting a Marshmellow at the new fireplace which now has a Story!!

Actually I made S'Mores in the oven and Sylvia joined us!!

Oh the stories we have to tell about our renovations!!!

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