Thursday, September 30, 2010

Work Ethic?

I am beginning to think there is no work ethic these days with some of the people we have hired to do some work... the only ones that has been dependable was Ron from Papers Lumber Company, we could of set a clock by him, also Koehler Electric were great to work with also and Barnett's were good except for the guy getting stuck in the wall! ;0

Now for the guy working on our floor.... He is right in the same ballpark with the Drywall guys!!! Kind of Sad... Not sure what is going on with him but the hours he comes and works is quite questionable!

Geesh.... maybe it will get done soon!

Please Lord help me to tolerate the slowness of these people without blowing a gasket!!

I'm just sayin if you are going to do a job... by golly be here and do it!

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