Friday, September 3, 2010


Sometimes things don't always go as planned...... but all in all the house reno is going great!

* Walls removed, support beams put in (CHECK)
* Fireplace and bookshelves framed in (CHECK)
* Plaster and Lathe removed (CHECK)
* Electrical work is finished as far as the wiring (CHECK)
* We still have insulation to get in this weekend
* The drywaller is to come Tuesday....  he forgot to order the drywall so he will do so on Tueday and
start drywalling on Wednesday
* The guy did come and measure for tile today and Lowe's should call tomorrow to give us information and then we need to go in and pick it out (I have already been scoping it out) and the guy said he could start the 20th!) YAY
* The plumber is supposed to come next week

It is all coming together and we are surviving the dust.... we really should of bought stock in the shop vac bags I cannot even begin to count how many packages we have boughten!  We are dumpsterless at the moment, we will probably get another one when we begin to take the carpet out!

Normally on Labor Day Weekend I would be in Palestine, IL they are known for their awesome Rodeo!!!  We lived in Palestine from 1990-1999 and love the town, we spent some of the best years of our life there!   The campground out by the rodeo becomes a little city with ZILLIONS of campers.  Gary LOVED the rodeo and everything about it!   We would start out on Saturday morning and go downtown where they have the Chuckwagon Breakfast, and Street Fair.  They start getting the breakfast going in the wee morning hours and feed a couple of thousand people!  On Saturday there are yard sales EVERYWHERE and the town is packed!  Sometime throughout this weekend we would attend one of the rodeo events which has now become "Bullbash on the Wabash".  Of course when Gary was here he would be in the middle of the stripping shoots helping to unharness the bulls.  He would do anything he could to help out!  Monday will be the Labor Day Parade with most of the county attending and in later years we would go to my son in laws parents house for and awesome Fish Fry! 

While this year I will be working on our house here in New Liberty my heart will be in Palestine and remembering all the good times from years past!  Maybe next year I can initiate Mark into Crawford County's #1 event of the year!!!!

So since I cannot be there this year I thought I would share a couple of pictures from years past!
This was from a few years ago probably 2007 Labor Day Parade when Miss Abigail was Cutest Baby!

Republican Women handing out their beads!

I am telling you they go all out for the floats!  huh Carmen? :)

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  1. know what we'll be doing this weekend. 5:30am will come too soon. i'll have to get up that early to get everything/one ready to be at breakfast by 7am. crazy. i imagine we'll end up at dan's parents crashing at some point. but the agenda is breakfast, shopping on main street, garage sailing, lunch and then naps! plus slumber party with Elizabeth tomorrow night at the I will have a wonderful evening w/ the hubby as well.

    glad things are going so well with the house. i look forward to coming to see it for myself.

    love ya!


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