Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Today the Plumber showed up!  Yippee! He said he has been swamped the last two weeks so after today I will be able to have a wash machine in the Laundry Room!!!  The drywaller  (makes me want to plaster their name everywhere but I will try really hard to restrain myself )  pun intended here!  :) well he is on my list.....  maybe we should take our time paying him!  If he is so stinkin swamped why in the world would he go to a seminar yesterday??? Doesn't make sense to me but what do I know???  He told Mark yesterday they would be here at 7:30 am if we are on the same time zone he is way late!  It is now 10:09 am and he won't answer his phone and so far has not returned our phone calls.  I would cry about now but it wouldn't do me any good....  So goes life....  Still waiting to see if the Fireplace people show up to install two fireplaces and the Floor guy to give us a bid!


The drywaller guy showed up @ 2:00 pm he apparently is on his own time zone not mine! 
I knew I was in trouble cause they have been leaving by 3:00 pm and yessirree sure enough that is just what he did!  He was here for a whole hour!  So glad he could fit us in today!   The floor guy showed up late but he at least called telling me he was late!  The fireplace people will be here on Friday!  The plumber got most of the stuff done, I believe he is coming back to finish up!

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