Saturday, November 13, 2010

You want real life well here it is in all of it's Glory!

We have been working the last several days on the kitchen.... remember this is a big challenge as we are merging two households!  The cabinets doors should be done by tomorrow, I am using bead board paintable wallpaper on the cabinet ends and around the window...  Just to show you a glimpse of the cabinets emptied out and in the merge process!  We are making headway it is just a BIG job!  We took out the cabinet that was overhead as a divider between the kitchen and breakfast nook... WOW does that look different...  Anyway it is coming together.... the kitchen area will be done for Thanksgiving!  So here is a look of what is going on here!
This window overlooks the back entry over the basement steps, so the window just allows some light in....But we took the shutters down, and I had this pained window that was painted with flower pots that I purchased a few years back at a craft show.

What do you think?  I love it here!  It was the perfect size!

Not a pretty shot but you can see the wonderful light Mr. B put up!!!

and a glimpse of the white cabinets!

doors drying everywhere

Yesiiree Bob that was all in the cabinets.... We have pretty much put into them what we want to keep!  So we have things laid aside for the kids.....

and yet another view...... it will be done it will be done!

Oh and the backsplash you see in the pictures will be painted with a stainless steel paint! 

Just wanted to give you an update so you could see what we are up to these days!

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