Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Paint

I forgot to put this on my blog.... I linked up to the Boardwalk this week with my kitchen project!!
For those of you that are curious here is where I got my stainless steel paint....  it also gives you a hint of what I am getting ready to do to the countertops!  I bought these kits before I even started upstairs but am so glad I saved this all for the last big hoopla!  I am in love with the stainless paint on the backsplash... in my past two homes I have had the old fashioned ceiling tin that I ordered from m-boss but decided I would try the stainless paint first... (which by the way the real stuff from m-boss is much cheaper in price than the  fake plastic stuff from Lowes and is not that hard to put up you just need a good pair of tin snips!)  I really didn't mind the leaf design in the tiles already in the kitchen!  I just didn't care for the dreary look!  I still have to put the sealing protectant on but wanted to wait to make sure I didn't need to touch up the paint first!

I am busy right now visiting my grandbabies!  I enjoyed spending time with the Smith's yesterday and now I am visiting with the Ramsey's!   So I will enjoy my time away from painting for a few days and upon returning home I will be preparing Thanksgiving Dinner this weekend!  Have a good week!

Be Blessed!


  1. Stainless steel paint!? Am I living under a rock? I've never heard of such a thing! Your kitchen looks fantastic. : < >

  2. Thanks for the comments you all leave! Jayme, I keep tabs on your blog and you are NOT under a rock! I first found out about this website with the stainless paint through the Today show last Spring!


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