Saturday, February 5, 2011

An Awesome Week!

Yes, that is right amidst driving through snow and some ice I made it safely to Robinson on Monday afternoon!  There was a time or two that I thought of turning around and going back home... and the drive was fine until Bloomington!  Then the roads were snow covered and once I got out of the snow I drove into sleet!  Oh what fun but being persistent I made it safely!  (while back home in Iowa we were getting a huge amount of snow dumped on us!!  Our county was declared a disaster!)   I enjoyed being iced in with Amber and her family!  I also did a lot of knitting!  I have always wanted Amber to take some "good pictures" of the kids with hats that I have knitted and since I had just finished their 2011 Valentine's hat and she had new equipment for her studio she did a photo session with the kiddos....  You can check her professional pictures out here at or you can muddle through a Nana's version right here!  I had finished Abigail's hat before I went down to Robinson but while there I made Capri's purple hat (the girl LOVES purple) and Otto's monkey hat!  I LOVE the monkey hats!  I also knitted Jagger's and Jaxton's monkey hats while there and started Christian's this morning so yessirree that is SEVEN hats in SEVEN days and my fingers are a little tired about now! 

While there Abigail told me " I wish you could be my Nana all of the time"  of course what she meant was I wish you could be here all of the time!  (Rip my heart out)......  These little guys were used to me living close to them and seeing me everyday until a year ago when I married Mark!  I am now about 6 hours away and it has been a huge adjustment not being able to be with them all the time, but we are surviving and try to make the most of the times we are together!   I am hoping we will be able to SKYPE soon, we tried it a year ago and it was just too hard on all of  us! 

I have had several people ask if I would knit them or their kids a hat too!  I have a few adults that I am knitting one for and for a couple of baby presents!  A dear friend had a set of twins born in November so I am going to knit them one and I think their big sister needs one also!  AND then my redheaded stepdaughter (a joke .... that is what I have always called my daughters room mate from college Love ya Val) she wants one for her little guy.... and the list goes on, my brother even wants one!  TOO FUNNY

I would sell the hats on ETSY and no I have not created a shop yet but I keep saying I am going to do that!  How about ETSY is on my to-do-list!  I have fun making them for my family and friends but don't know if I want to do it because then it becomes a job!  Once upon a time I wove baskets and began selling them it then become drudgery and wasn't enjoyable and I don't want that to ever happen with knitting!  BESIDES I still have work to do on "This Old House"!!!  I also finished up a scarf I knitted for my daughter, I told her if she didn't lose the hat I had knitted her a year ago I would knit a scarf to match so that is what I did!

I am so excited our furniture is being delivered today!!!  Mark is out shoveling now so they can get into the house!  I will post pictures later once it is all in place!  Hope you all are staying warm!

So now my version of our picture taking this week!

Please go to Amber's blog and check out her amazing pictures!!!  These all all taken by me and I am not a pro, just a Nana trying to catch some pictures!

Amber's Scarf

Scenery below Charleston, Illinois!

In front of Eastern Illinois University!


  1. The hats are all beautiful but those moneky hat...Oh my they are just ADORABLE!


  2. Nancy,
    I think it would be a good idea to do an etsy store. I am no pro but if you need any help I would be glad to try. The biggest thing about Etsy is just getting seen. A great way to get some traffic is by doing giveaways with other bloggers that have bigger followings. You probably already know that.
    The hats are great! You are super talented with the knitting all I know how to knit are scarves, and they are simple ones with no pizazz! :-)

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